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During 2005-2006, a two days training program was developed for freshly graduated medical students, to orient them on HIV related issues and infection control measures. It aimed at achieving practice change (change of attitude, knowledge, way of behavior etc.) regarding HIV/ AIDS among freshly graduated medical students, which would further lead to up gradation of care and support services and help reduce stigma and discrimination.

The workshop used different methodologies like lectures, debates over some social issues like mandatory premarital testing or isolation of PLHIV in a hospital, screening of film on infection control measure and life cycle of HIV, games, group discussions, crossword puzzles etc.

During the span of one year, a total 592 interns from 8 medical colleges were trained (105 from Ayurvedic colleges, 289 from Homeopathic colleges, 65 from Allopathic colleges and 43 from Unani college). In some colleges few teachers from the respective college also attended the workshop. We also conducted a 3 days trainers training workshop for teachers from these colleges with a hope that the activity is sustained even after the project ends.

Start date - 2005

End date – 2006

Funding support –Oxfam – Novib