HIV care and counseling center

We have an in-house clinic (Amrita Clinic) that provides comprehensive care to people living with HIV  under one roof.

Sensitive, non-judgmental and non-discriminatory clinical care to each client

  • Diagnosis of HIV infection
  • Clinical and immunological staging
  • Management of HIV infection including anti-retroviral treatment
  • Treatment of opportunistic infections
  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (prevention of HIV infection among high-risk individuals)
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis
  • Cervical cancer screening and treatment of pre-cancer

Personalized and compassionate free counselling for people living with and affected by HIV

  • Pre & post HIV test Counselling
  • Prevention related Counselling
  • Counselling and support for people living with HIV provided at all levels to address disclosure, coping with stressors partner/child testing, regular investigations, clinical follow-ups, diet, exercise, initiation of ART & adherence, safe sex practices

Affordable in house laboratory for diagnosis and monitoring of HIV

  • HIV testing
  • Routine laboratory investigations (Hemogram, Urine routine, ESR, Hepatitis B, VDRL, Liver Function Tests, Renal Function Tests, Blood Sugar Levels,)
  • CD4/CD8 count (For monitoring the HIV)
  • HIV RNA PCR (HIV viral load- To understand the volume of HIV in the blood of an infected individual).
  • HIV DNA PCR (For early infant diagnosis of HIV)

Clinic Hours: 12.30 pm to 8.00 pm Monday to Friday

Clinic Location – View Google Maps

Appointments can be made at - 8605882649/ 8087015726

Yaree Telephonic counselling for adolescents and young people living with HIV

Young people with HIV face many challenges around disclosure of their status, friendship, relationships, sexuality, marriage, future etc. Through our experience of working with young people living with HIV for over a decade, we have tried to understand their concerns and evolve strategies to support them in these transitions. We provide telephonic counselling to young people living with HIV. These sessions are
totally confidential and free of cost.

Contact number to book an appointment: 9529556534

Timing: 12 AM to 8 pm Monday to Friday 

Sexual and reproductive health counseling

Seeking professional help for one’s emotional wellbeing often carries a lot of stigma with it. Moreover, when the concerns are related to sexuality and intimacy, the possibility of speaking to someone reduces even further.

We provide a safe and non-judgmental space for young people to talk about their concerns related to sexuality. The concerns could be anything - from relationships, safe sex methods, child sexual abuse, intimate partner abuse, self-image, gender identity, sexual orientation, loneliness, break ups, depression, anxiety, self-harm; feeling suicidal to whatever is troubling them in their lives. We have a team of sensitive and trained counsellors to deal with these issues. We call them NESTOR (a sensitive listener, who can listen, help the person reflect on potential solutions and in some situations, if required, provide linkages to other services)

for Marathi, Hindi and English :

Contact No. - 777 500 4350 - By appointment only. 

Time: 11 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday 

Location: Prayas Health Group, Karve road-Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj Bridge corner, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention Services


Cervical cancer is a preventable cancer. We have 2 powerful tools to prevent cervical cancer and they are HPV vaccination of adolescent girls and cervical cancer screening of adult women. Cervical cancer is caused by long-term infection with Human papillomavirus (HPV). About 70 per cent of all women get infected with HPV at least once during their lifetime. However, the majority of them clear this infection by the natural immune mechanism of the body. If it is not cleared, persistent infection can cause abnormalities in the cells of the cervix. If these abnormalities are detected and treated, cervical cancer can be prevented.

There are no symptoms if there is infection with HPV or if there are abnormal cells in the cervix. But these abnormalities can be detected if women get screened and then examined appropriately. It is recommended that all women above the age of thirty get screened for cervical cancer regularly.

HPV vaccines are now widely available that prevent infection of some high-risk types of HPV and are highly effective when given to adolescent girls before they start their sexual activity.

HPV vaccination, HPV testing, colposcopy, biopsy, treatment using thermal ablation and Lower Loop Excision of Transformation Zone (LLETZ) are offered at the clinic.

Timings: 10 am to  4 pm - Monday and Friday

Clinic Location: View Google Maps Appointments can be made at: +91 8605882649 / 8087015726

You can address your queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.