grid_view Sexual and reproductive health

mMitra is a free mobile voice call service that provides culturally appropriate comprehensive information on preventive care and simple interventions to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in urban areas. The project is supported by ARMAAN, Mumbai based organization. Through this project, pregnant and lactating women receive messages on antenatal and postnatal care. Medically verified, individualized voice messages of 60 - 90 seconds (145 messages in all) in Hindi or Marathi are sent directly to the mobile phones of each enrolled woman. The voice calls are in the local dialect, specific to the woman’s gestational age or age of infant and are sent weekly, free of cost directly to pregnant woman and mother with infants. The enrollment of eligible woman in the program is carried out by a trained ‘Sakhi’, identified by the organization. The intent of implementing the mMitra program is to communicate and to engage with pregnant women, and women with children under one year of age (women) on preventative care measures and about simple interventions to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.

Implementation area

Pune city (at PMC/PCMC health care facilities and trust based hospitals from Pune city)

Start date - May 2016

End date - Ongoing

Funding support - ARMAAN, Mumbai