grid_view Sexual and reproductive health

Despite the fact that India is a young country (median age 26.7 years), there is complete lack of discourse about health needs of this population. Young people face significant mental and physical health issues that are linked with sexuality with very limited support to share their concerns. Health of young adults can be improved by providing them supportive spaces where they can share their concerns, get help in assessing their own risk and health conditions, get information about available health services which they can access.

The Nests for Youth intervention seeks to create Non-judgmental, Empowering, Self-reflective and Technology-assisted Spaces (NESTS) for youth to improve their health and access to care and support services.

Through this project, sexual health counseling is offered to young people. A NESTOR (a sensitive listener, who can listen, help the person reflect on potential solutions and in some situations, if required, provide linkages to other services) provides counselling

Contact for appointment: 7775004350

Time: Monday to Friday, 11 am to 6:00 pm.


Integrating counseling and sexuality- training workshop for counselors

Counselling is considered as essential for providing quality sexual and reproductive health services. However, in India, the counselling curriculum does not provide an opportunity for students to learn about sexuality and understand why a non-judgemental and affirmative approach to sexuality is essential in counselling. In order to provide basic introduction to sexuality to counsellor, to provide them a rights based framework and to increase their comfort on discussing issues related to sexuality, we have developed a training program for counsellors and conduct workshops with them.

Start date - June 2019

End date – Ongoing