grid_view Sexual and reproductive health

Sexual health cannot be achieved without developing people’s capabilities, that is, their real opportunities and abilities to do and be what they have reason to value. Individual’s abilities, while embedded in the household, societal, and cultural contexts, are of utmost importance for achieving sexual health and well-being.

As an effort to improve sexual self-efficacy of adolescents and young adults, an intervention called techno-peer was designed. It involved use of technology in terms of E-learning audio-visual resource materials and its dissemination through peer volunteers from organizations from Pune district working for youth. Through this intervention, a marathi web series was created. The series has eight videos which touch upon various aspects of sexuality and sexual health of young people. Topics such as consent, self-image, safe sex and HIV testing, mental health, sexual abuse, access to safe abortion, porn use, choices and communication get focused upon through the stories of young people.

One can watch these videos on Prayas health group’s you tube channel as well as following web page - A training manual has been developed which provide simple instructions on how to use these videos and conduct discussions with young people.

Start date – April 2018

End date – March 2020

Funding support - ViiV Healthcare's Positive Action Programme