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The HPV test is the most accurate and reproducible primary test for cervical cancer screening. When an HPV test is used for screening, WHO has suggested 2 algorithms (screen with an HPV test and treat if HPV positive or screen with an HPV test, perform VIA if HPV positive and treat if both tests are positive) for women in the low- and middle-income countries where facilities are limited for triaging with cytology or genotyping, or colposcopy. The study proposed to evaluate the above two algorithms in HPV-positive HIV-infected women by randomly assigning them to either of the two treatment arms and then comparing the HPV clearance rate in the two treatment arms.


  • To assess the optimum screening and treatment delivery option for cervical cancer prevention among HIV-infected women as assessed by HPV clearance using an HPV DNA test
  • To assess the incidence of CIN in HIV-infected women in the two different delivery options

Type of research: Open-label, randomized trial


Dr. Smita Joshi (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Vinay Kulkarni (Co-Investigator)

Funding: Indian Council of Medical Research

CTRI registration number: CTRI/2020/ 02/023349

Start date: June 2020

End date:  December 2022