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Kalalan tevha

Many adolescents living with HIV feel that one of the most striking problems that obstructed their emotional growth and vigor to live life was lack of proper disclosure of their HIV status to them. While discussing about what we could do to encourage, accelerate and facilitate the process of disclosure, they came up with an idea of publishing a book consisting of their experiences regarding disclosure: how it happened, what was its impact and how it could have been done so that they could have coped better with the situation. Since most of them had very little experience of writing, they talked on one to one basis to one of our counselors who was involved in the coordination of the workshops and made friends with them. She recorded and then transcribed their stories. These were then refined and edited along with the children. This way, seven biographic articles were ready and are published as a book, namely ‘कळलं तेव्हा…’ . This book is meant to motivate parents who have not yet disclosed the HIV status to their child to disclose.